Monday, July 12, 2010

This is as far as I got today. All the silver brazing is complete except the dropout faces. Hopefully tomorrow. Thought I'd throw on one of the Reynolds wheels and a Eurox brake arm to show the fit. Of course the frame will get shiny and pretty as I file and sand once I'm done with the brazing.


  1. That bike looks great! Jimbo, it neeeeeeeds carbon wheels man. Maybe not this year...but some day man. I really cant wait to see what it looks like with paint on it! HAWT!

    By the way, over 20,000 views on the thread on regarding my Cernitz. Link:

  2. yes, carbon bling would be nice. Howevah, wallet says "no".
    I'm still gonna "kill it" on my tricerahopper with (oh so heavy) 1480grm kinlin alum tubulars.
    She will be schweet, gorgous in tricerhops orange paint, offset by the cream of my FMB cotton casings...
    It's a good thing Neilo did such a good job on those seatstays, cuz that's what everybody is going to be seeing, the back side of my bike! ;-)