Monday, July 19, 2010

Here ya go Jimbo. Two pics with the sample of Tricerahops I took in to the paint store today. People thought I was carrying around my doping sample. Anyway, young Brandi and I spent over an hour going through most of their color chips and trying to use the computer aided color analyzer. But, in the end, this brew is so magical it was never the same color twice. We finally took the sample outside with a white backing and matched the closest chip to it.
The plan is to
finish the metal prep and glass bead on Friday. Then prime it when I do another paint job I have for Friday. Do the paint prep over the week end and color and clear coat it on Monday. I'm assuming the paint masks will be done by then.

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  1. Neilo!
    I hope your going to drink that jar! don't let it go to waste! ;-)