Wednesday, April 30, 2014

 I just finished the design for Robins rain bike, dubbed the rain speeder.  The metrics are fast, light, and nimble.  All the materials have been ordered and for once everything is in stock!  We went with a true touring fork with a 376 mm axle to crown to allow 28 mm tires with fenders.
This second design shows the frame with a 395 mm axle to crown fork.  You can see how it bunches up the front triangle and reduces the head tube length.  Although these "cross" length forks are more plentiful, we opted for the touring length.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Just picked up the frame from the glass bead shop and will put on a coat of etch prime.  I'm held up because I don't have a 43.95 mm reamer for the head tube.  I'll either take it to a shop, or buy my own reamer.  No matter what, this puts me off a few days.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

 Back from Mexico and the frame is complete, just the little stuff to do.  Here, reaming and honing the seat tube.  I have test fit a 30.9 mm and a 27.2 mm seat post with a sleeve.  I don't like the step down in diameter between the 27.2 seat post and the 31.8 mm seat tube.  So, I'll go with the 30.9 mm seat post.
 Tapping the head tube for the badge.
I'm currently painting the last Farr Frameworks frame.  Todd has packed up and relocated to Taiwan.  But, while the paint is curing, I'm continuing to strip the carbon fork for my new frame.