Friday, July 16, 2010

Here is what a full day of filing and sanding has accomplished. The stainless steel faces are on the dropouts and they are coming along nicely.
I brought the seatstays in real tight on the seat lug as Jimbo requested and you can see the modification to both the front and back of the lug for the pass through brake cable. I raised the point on the front of the lug for aesthetics and just wee bit more rigidity for the seat tube.
It's a busy week end, but hopefully I will finish the filing and sanding on Monday. Regardless, I will buy the Tricerahopper paint and supplies.
Also, I am now offering Kinlin and other rims on my wheel builds, as I have an account with Alchemy Bike Works. Cool.
Off for a beer, then to watch my oldest grandson race go-karts.

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  1. Neilo!
    shoot me a full pic of my frame! No fair with the teasers!