Monday, October 31, 2011

I'm back from a fish taco eating and beer drinking marathon in Mexico.  I did manage to cut the first finger nail on the 38.1 mm down tube, but that's about all.  The tube weighs 292 gms., not the advertized 304 gms. That's a fair amount for an S3 tube.  I also recieved the drop outs from Paragon while I was away.  They weighed in at 94 gms. a pair.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Well, I "frenched" the brake cable openings and they just didn't go with the minimalist concept I have for this frame.  So I filed them off.  Definitely wasted some silver, but it was still a worthwhile exercise.

We will be taking off for Mexico soon, so I hope my down tube will show up while we are gone along with the complete tube sets for Tinas road and my new rain bike.  I know Jimbo, I'm just gonna build her a bike no matter what.   
 I am not a fan of internal cable routing.  But, aesthetically, it's the only option on a curved top tube.  It is a pretty straight forward procedure and I left large fillets to shape nice "frenched" openings.  Those are the Columbus chain stays.

Friday, October 14, 2011

 The rear Di2 wiring harness arrived late yesterday, so I was finally able to finish the assembly on Dans beautiful Cadenzia lugged frame! I'd build one for me if I was tall enough to ride a traditional geometry frame.
  I left 15 mm extra on the steerer tube until Dan rides it for a bit, then I'll take it off if there are no changes in the fit.  By the way, it only weighs 17lbs. 4oz.

Monday, October 10, 2011

 I was the miter king this afternoon, no daylight on the top tube miters.  I like the curve in the top tube, the frame is going to be sweet.  I ordered Columbus s-bend chain and seat stays today, I decided they would look better than a wishbone.  It's going to look nice in Frozen White Pearl.  Thanks again Jake for the top tube.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dans beautiful bike is still held for a replacement front harness from Shimano.  I had to send the original back due to an open circuit in it. 

I spent the morning drawing out the new frame full size on my drafting table so I could verify the interior angles for the curved top tube.  I also had to modify the head tube cones on the  tacking fixture to accept the larger diameter head tube. Now it is brazed up and in the fixture.  When I'm brazing up the front triangle, I will finish the fillets on the head tube. 
 Major Daves commuter is finished and on the road.  With out fenders, it can run 32 mm tires and the cable guides will accept hydraulic brake lines for when that day comes.  Dave spec'ed out a beautiful bike and it shows.  I wonder where he got his paint livery.

Monday, October 3, 2011

A quick pic of Dans bike with the Di2 wiring hanging out the bottom bracket.
I laid out tubes I do have for the fillet brazed road frame on top of the full dwg. It's gonna be fun and nice.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Dans frame is out of the paint shop and I am doing some minor assembly while I apply the frame saver.

Here is where Major Daves bike stood last night.  He will finish up the cables, fenders, etc. at his leisure.  I took many outdoor pics trying to capture the the paint work, but to no avail.
So, onward and upward.  Next is this fillet brazed, BB30, Integrated headset. curved top tube road bike for me.  This week while I was "frame saving" Daves frame, I spent hours making a mandrel to bend the top tube.  It didn't work.  Fortunately, Jake Rosenfeld of Huckleberry Cycles is bending me up one and might have it at Alpenrose on Sunday.  Very cool and I'm stoked!