Saturday, July 17, 2010

I happened to have some free time today, so I reamed and honed the seat tube on Jimbos Frame. Did some filing and sanding also. I, unfortunately came to the realization that his paint masks won't be ready 'till the end of next week. The gal designing them drew them with an outline, which we don't want.

I pulled the fork of Dylans bike to cut and glue it and thought I'd mock up the tricerahopper just for fun!


  1. Neilo!
    Is that a Twilight Ale on your workbench? Pee-Shaw... I'm thinkin' a Ninkasi DBL Red would have treated you better. :)
    Take a pic of the Tricerahopper in the raw will ya Neilo, full frame shot please.....

  2. So many picture requests. Seems sort related