Thursday, July 19, 2012

 I glass beaded the frame this morning and shot the etch prime.  The fame and fork with the uncut steerer weigh just a few grams under 4 lbs. Pretty cool, and I'll bet lighter than my old carbon frame set.  This week end is dedicated to riding, then company for a week, so this is it for a while.  As I have time, I will try to sneak work in on the rain bike.
After a few creative beers with some friends, the livery has been established.  It will be a true Candy Apple Red with Glo Star Metallic Silver accents.  Of course, now I'm wondering how red pipes and silver lugs would look rather than all red.

Friday, July 13, 2012

All polished up and looking good.
 Making ports for the internal wiring.  I think this position is the cleanest looking as the wire can follow the front brake cable to the handle bars.
 I shape and sweat the stainless steel washer on first and then drill and polish the hole and washer face together.  I believe you have fewer stress issues that way.

 And here is for the front derailleur.  Thanks to Mr. English.
 I wanted to post a couple of pics on the repaint.  But the Pearl White is so reflective it over powers the powder blue lug lining.  Even in the shade.

I haven't been gone, just really busy.  Along with riding as much as possible with Tina for our upcoming trip to Belgium, I painted Dylans frame.
 And built this set of 1400 gm. wheels.
And converting my frame to Di2 internal wire routing.  These mounts are the nice ones from Paragon.