Friday, April 9, 2010

Here is the start of Devos seat lug. This is a cleaner binder than
the one I showed him at work. I am going to lengthen the top 5mm to provide better clamping force and lengthen the front point a total of 10mm just for aesthetics.

Dylans frame is complete through silver braze minus the brake posts and one cable stop. I believe the frame weight will be 3'12" when complete. This is my new Notorious B.B.G. from Don Ferris at Anvil Bikeworks. He offers absolutely the finest frame building equipment on the planet afaiac. I haven't brazed on the brake
posts because I want to do a live mock up with the brake arms. The TRP EuroXs don't have any vertical adjustment, and I want them spot on.

So here is a couple of crappy pics again of the rear
triangle with the seat stays I bent. I wanted just
enough bend to give brake pad and mud clearance.
I was going to give themzero offset at the seat tube,
but I thought they looked better like this.
Of course TriJims will have the zero offset as he has

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