Monday, April 26, 2010

Finally found the camera. Here's Dylans and my frame after glass bead and etch prime. I took them to a new place because it is closer, less expensive, I don't have to do the blasting, and the place is in th heart of great Mexican food in Hubbard. They did a good job, not great, no dents, but a few bare spots. I'm going to hang my frame up until Devs and Jimbos are done. Dylans is now ready for powder and royal blue, topaz orange, and black. Cool!
Devins frame is starting to come together in the fixture.

Here's the mods to Devins dropouts. A hell of a lot of sawing, filing, and sanding
for a set savings of 20 gms. When they are mocked up with the
angled chainstays and the seatstays, they really look good. They're kind of ugly layin' all by themselves.

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