Friday, April 16, 2010

Day got a little shortened due to a dental appointment and great
Mexican food at the Guadalajara Taqueria in Woodburn. Anyways I have three bikes in work today. Here is what we
believe Devos dropouts will look like. Sweet. I drew it out life size to see if there would be any angle ugliness with the seat stays
like the Pauls on OBC. There isn't.

I'll let the pic speak for itself on OBC.

Dylans shift cable guides, I really like them.
I'm getting close to having Dylans frame ready for glass bead.
Planning on beading both his and mine next Friday.
Then starts color mayhem.


  1. Can you do pre and post mod weight for the dropouts? I like the plan. Gotta make up for those heavy wheels ya know...

  2. I like how every post refers to a taquiria. It's like a blog within a blog. But it would be more fulfilling (and hunger inducing) if you could go into more detail about the location and cuisine enjoyed. A request from your fan base. And, oh yeah, the bike stuff is interesting too.