Friday, August 7, 2009

Unfortunately, still no bottom bracket. It really ties my hands, because every tube angle and measurement keys off the BB. I did spend an hour thinning these two lugs to fit the head tube. The lugs always seem to come in a little undersized and have make them fit with the proper tolerance for brazing.

I also went ahead and measured the two tubes that were too long from Henry James. I used my bore gage and determined that the only measurement in error is the long butt, which is 19mm longer than stated in the catalog.
What the heck, here is a shot of my rain bike frame in disarray as I convert it to disc brakes. I'm tired of ending up in the intersection trying to stop in the rain.


  1. I have been stewing over the lack of a bb all day. Not happy about the delay.

  2. Cool Blog Neilo!!

    Keep up the good work and keep thinking positive thoughts about that BB.

    Your little woman...