Friday, August 28, 2009

Devo, will this be enough mud clearance? The tires are your Ritcheys. I believe there is more room than on your Curtlo. I gotta say, and I'm just sayin', the Paul dropouts are a pain. Do you want the 433mm measurement from the center of the axle slot or bottomed out?

Hard to do the scallops. The threaded boss precludes using files and not much room for a rotary tool. I'm thinking hours of tiny pieces of emery paper.


  1. Yes!!! That looks great for clearance.

    Regarding the 433 measurement: I think that bottomed out it should be 425 to 428. I think I will run the axle pretty close to bottomed out. I will have to use the screws to tighten it up a bit so a slightly shorter measurement makes sense to me. And if this doesn't make sense, let me know.

    And yes, I have been checking your blog all day for updates. Probably like once an hour. ;)

  2. And I am happy to put some time in with some Emory paper too. -Devin