Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The front triangle is now completely silver brazed, including the lone cable stop. The sepia coloration on the tubes and lugs after brazing is only a flash rust, not thermal discoloration. The hot soak to remove the flux is the cause, even though I use compressed air to dry the frame immediately after. Yeah, carbon just does not braze well and I had such high hopes.

This shot is a mock up of the chain stay-dropout alignment with the 65mm BB drop and 433mm chain stay length. You can see that the axle setting screws(not installed) will just clear the top of the chain stay. I have seen frames where the chain stay is pinched for clearance and it's not pretty. Tina has a wine thing in Hood River this afternoon, so if the frame building fairies are good to me, I will get the chain stays and dropouts brazed in this afternoon.


  1. It is too bad you have a day job. Man, when word of this bike gets out, I betcha you'll have people knocking down your door even if you make bad jokes about a non-existent seatmast to mess with your client. Your attention to detail is greatly appreciated. I like how beefy that chainstay looks.

    I checked out Class Act powder coating. Looks like a winner there.

  2. This is cool stuff, Neilo. The craft is amazing to behold and the mind wanders...what could Neilo do for me? Could he make me faster? Friskier? Or provide me with a map to the local taco trucks? Interesting.