Sunday, February 12, 2012

The tendinitis is subsiding and I found if I grip with my left hand and guide with my right, I can get some stuff done.  Assuming I can rent the glass bead cabinet tomorrow, I will have Dougs frame through prime and ready to start putting on
 color Tuesday.  The
 other frame is Tinas,
 and I will paint it as
 as we get back from NAHBS. 
 I've even been able to get Ians front triangle in the fixture, really a fun project.  Honest Sonny, yours is next!  And OBC lives, the
 Columbus chain stays
will be recycled into Ians

1 comment:

  1. Wow! that is cool about the OBC stays. Are you taking a frame with you to NAHBS? It seems like you have plenty going to keep you busy which is awesome.

    By the way Robocross went down and the paint on the extended seatmast and lug was boogered up pretty good. It looks ok from 30 feet but when I look close at it my soul is pained.