Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The vent holes have been drilled for the chainstays.  I will attach them right after Festivus.  This year, I have done repairs on some other 'boutique" bikes and have noticed that there were no vent holes.  How do the welding gases and condensation escape?  You gotta have vent holes.  Also, the front triangle, with the uncut head and seat tube and all braze ons weighs 2lbs. 5 oz.  Not bad for a frame this big.  By the way, it won't fit in the blast cabinet.  And the fillets aren't finished due to my lacerated finger and five different seasonals in my fridge.

And just for fun, here's a pic of Dylan circumventing some mud at Nationals.  How long till cross season starts?

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  1. so lucky we are to live in the land of craft goodness, and I'm not talking bikes. 5 different seasonals? surely that is more important, say festive even, than filing away on filets huh Neilo? Merry Christmas pal.
    So many delicious beers, so little time....