Friday, December 17, 2010

After tacking the front triangle, the alignment check went well. The head tube was perfectly in plane and only 2mm off center. After the quick realignment, the brazing was coming along great until I ran out of gas and had to run down to the welding supply store for fresh tanks. I really need to buy spare tanks. I used the brazing sequence that I learned from Jim Kish and the triangle came out in perfect alignment. I'm doing over sized fillets per Devs request, it's a lot of extra work. The rule of thumb is that the fillet should be 3 times the wall thickness of the tubing. Beyond that it is purely cosmetic. Then I ran out of 80 grit emery cloth and spent considerable time trying to find some locally, but to no avail. So none of the fillets are finished. I will order my usual industrial sized quantity ASAP and work on the rear triangle in the interim.

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