Monday, May 31, 2010

Here is Devins frame, aka BCII, ready to be glass beaded.
Unfortunately, my two source were both closed today so
as soon as I get back from Maui the painting will begin.
Check out the modified dropouts and seat lug.

Since I had free time, I started on Jimbos frame. What
will we call it? Tricerahopper?, 'nitz to go with his 'nilla?
Any way, I only reworked the bottom bracket and lugs enough to do a rough fit. I'm very pleased, it's gonna work. I will order the
parts for Brians frame tomorrow.


  1. Even at this point it looks so cool it doesn't need paint. Yeehaw!!!

  2. Damn Neilo! Devo's frame looks great! u gotta feel really good about it, must be gratifing to have the fellas racing your steeds. Finally! the Tricerahopper is in the jig, I can't wait!

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