Sunday, May 23, 2010

Devins frame is all brazed up and ready for hours of
sawing, filing, sanding, reaming, facing, etc.
I really didn't want to post a pic of it in its
ugliest state, but somebody was antsy to see
their sub 4 lb. frame.

What's this? I'm fabbing a set of bars so I can cold set the bottom bracket on Jimbos frame from 60 degrees to 55 between the seat and down tube. The things us men of normal stature have to go through...


  1. That looks real nice Neil! I am so excited

  2. damn Neilo, Devo's frame looks real schweet!
    Can't wait to see the Tricerahopper start to come together!

  3. If the Tricerahopper turns out to be lighter than the 'nilla I will smirk just a little bit.

    It was so sweet to have the BCII, aka Buttercup's Revenge, aka Buttercup's Super Model Sister, aka Anorexic Buttercup, aka Mud'n'Lugs, in my hands this morning.