Monday, December 14, 2009

The Mule is finished, but neither Devin nor I have any decent pic's of it. Keep checking his blog, it's a beautiful machine.

Above is a rendering of what Buttercup Redux will aspire to if the bike gods allow. The head tube is 10mm shorter to compensate for the 30mm FSA head set. It will also be a thinner wall thickness. In additon, the seat stays diameter will be reduced to 14mm and they will be attached to the seat tube lug ala fastback style. Can we come up with a sub 4lb. frame?
This will be Dylan's next frame. It is identical in concept to Buttercup. But, it will be faster because it is white.

And then there is this old horse. I started to convert it to disc brakes, but abandoned the idea because of the sand blast damaged head tube. Changed my mind again, I can't bring myself to toss a frame that fit so well and with Llewelyn lugs. When I am done with polished stainless and groovy colorways, it will be beautiful.


  1. Love the petite seat stays. I obsessed the entire drive home from Bend about how to improve upon buttercup. Didn't come up with much else other than tubes and maybe cutting down lugs. I sat while staying in Black Butte Ranch looking tubing for hours. I can't wait.

    Will Dylan's bike be going to eleven? The new chorus looks nice. I can't rationalize the Record 11