Sunday, December 20, 2009

Here is the Mule fully assembled. You can see the cable stops so he can go multi speed should he so desire.
The ENO hub, disc brake, curvy seat stays, and bridge. It all works.

Honestly, it has to be seen in person. It is really a striking bicycle.

OK, now down to the future fun. ButterCupII with a further shortened head tube to fit Devos more svelte frame. And how about reducing the wheel gap to 22mm, ala Jimbos ride. Lighter weight, stiffer(probably not noticable), and quicker handling. I would also remove the Pacenti chainstay brace.


  1. I agree with shortening the wheelbase from crank to rear dropout. I'd really like to try those .5 or even .6 thin walled stays....will they melt away like wax when you braze it?

    By the way had to recharge my iPhone twice today because of all the time I spent looking at the Columbus catalog, the Henry james website, bringheli, nova and a few other and fo this over and over comparing what they all offered. What geek I am

  2. What is teh cost of one of those things. I was thinkng a single speed with road geometry but mountain rear wheel spacing. Also alt 248 willl give you a degree symbol.