Monday, October 19, 2009

Six hours working on the seat stays! And then ran out of gas before I was finished. Not real keen on lugging it down to Airgas in my messenger bag, always hurts the shoulder. Prior to brazing I did an alignment check on the front triangle and right chain stay with the seat stay tacked. Spot on.
Shaky old man pic, probably due to the Reverend yesterday . I made the mandrels to bend the tubing out of stuff laying around the garage. It still doesn't have the arc I would like, so I will keep finessing until it does. In the old days we used to make tube benders out of VW wheels when we would build off road cars.


  1. I think I could get a 3.0 tire in between those seat stays.

    This is going to be one fun bike.

  2. Geesh...still on vacation? That is ok, because Buttercup still not finished being painted yet.