Monday, October 5, 2009

Life gets really busy with cross season, soccer, college football, etc.
Any way I hope to leave the shop early today, if the manager will allow, and finish up the front triangle of the Mule.
Here is the latest sticky wicket. The low mount dropouts are so long that they will force the chainstays so far into the BB that the s-bend will be all but eliminated. I don't know how long the butt length is on the dropout end and will call Nova today.


  1. How's that front triangle looking? Hope that manager wasn't a jerk...

  2. it just occurred to me that there's currently no headbadge planned for Buttercup or The Mule.


    Felt Tip Marker, perhaps?

  3. Man, I have no ideas, I was just thinking weight and minimalism any way. I can certainly make a stainless head badge, though