Wednesday, October 1, 2014

So I finished TFKs frames in gloss black with flat black forks and logo.Here's a couple of pics he shot after the builds. Racy!

I decided to braze the rockers on the much neglected mixte.

And OBC was stripped and blasted and ready for etch prime.
 It appears someone ran an under size seat post. The paint wasn't cracked, so I didn't see it. I won't rant and I'm unsure how I will repair as of yet.
 And I've filled and finished the dent in the Merckx MAX down tube. So she's ready for the paint process.

 Here's the first iteration of the tail lamp mount Dave and I have been working on. He 3Ded(is that a word?) the lamp mount. Then we bent some ss tubing and silvered in some ss over size water bottle mounts.

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