Thursday, February 27, 2014

My scheduled work hasn't  shown yet, so I decided to start my new frame.  The front triangle tubes have the butts and bows marked out.  Time to start mitering.
 The first hack saw cut.  Then a little file action and it's done in under 10 minutes.
 And no day light at the joint.
 Same with the top tube miters.
 Started getting the fixture ready for the tubes.  I bought the pretty head tube, so I'm going to use it, even though it's too heavy.  It meets the aesthetics of what I want out of the frame.  And my fancy German tapered fork is 200 gms. heavier than an ENVE any way.
 The top tube is fitting up nicely.
As is my 38 mm down tube.  It will move down the head tube about 5 mm more when the fit is final.

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  1. Why so long seattube, ISP perhaps? If so what seattube you're using?