Thursday, November 15, 2012

 I got a job in on this fine old Rivendell with a dented top tube.  The nature of the dent wouldn't allow it to be just filled with bondo because of high spots in the deformation.
 So I took the appropriate precision tube block from Paragon Machine Works (not related) and slowly clamped it down after applying some grease.  I would tighten, rotate and repeat a number of times.
This pulled down the high spots and removed all but about .010" of the dent.
 Then, I laid down a puddle of 56% silver at very low heat.
 A little filing and sanding and it is as good as new.  Ready for powder coat.
The goats were benevolent and I will be replacing the bar end shifters on the new rain bike with these Retro-Shift (again, not related) units.  IMHO they are the ideal rain shifter.

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  1. It's great to see an expert work on my bike frame. Can't wait to see my frame after the new paint job is done. I will do my best make sure the wind doesn't blow it over again. Thank you Neil.