Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a busy week with repairs, tune-ups and the grand opening of the BikeBar, so I haven't got as much done on Devins bike as I would have liked to.  Even though the front triangle is mitered and ready to braze, I'm still concerned on how the apron point is going to look in composition with the seat stays.  So I'm going to fully assemble the frame in the fixture and cut the apron last.  Here's a pic of a ready to braze dropout and an as cast one.  Lots of filing.  You can see the exit port for the rear derailer wiring.  It's a curved hole, so I drilled from both ends and then used a very small stone in a Dremel to smooth the transition.
I did some work on Jimbos Tricerahopper and used the new bar tape from Circle P to replace the Fizik tape.  It actually feels pretty good.  Kind of a rip off of the Lizard Skin tape.  We will let Jimbo make the call as to its viability.


  1. is it cross season yet?

  2. Not yet Jimbo, my bike aint ready yet

  3. and yes, I am thinking I must try some of that bar tape. It felt great.