Saturday, April 2, 2011

Despite the temporary unavailability of the necessary Di2 wiring components, I'm going to go ahead and build Devos frame as far ahead as possible.  This is the new Llewellyn XL bottom bracket that Dazza has come out with to complement his beautiful lug sets.  How ever, I don't care for the soft point on the port, so we'll sharpen it up and cut out the window to Devos liking.  I will perfect the right side of the point and then make a pattern to transfer to the left side.  Don't want a lopsided point.


  1. here, here, we are all tired of "Devin's" builds atmo, I want to see how your road bike turned out Neilo, lets see the Road bike!
    Devin's too slow to utilize DI2 anyhow..... hehe.

  2. Ouch!

    It looks like Neil will be building another road frame soon. Not mine and not a cross frame. I wish I could spill the beans, but I can't. Oh, and it is not a build for me either. But oh my...if you guys knew the bling that will be accompanying this bike...gads, it is going to be sweet.

  3. just busting ya Devski! we're just jealous, how's Neilo supposed to be working on my T-Hopper when your bogarting him all the time?

    Can't wait to see the road machines!

  4. What's the deal with the T-hopper?