Thursday, February 24, 2011

 The rest of the tubes have arrived. So after I finished lacing up a wheel set for a customer, I mitered and fit the top tube. In this pic, the triangle is within +/- 1mm. That will be taken care of on the final fit for silver braze.  Speaking of silver, my last order was 35 bucks an ounce, ouch!  Because of the small diamond shaped windows in the drop outs, I'm contemplating adding additional diamond shaped windows in the chainstay lug ports and top tube lugs. It will either add visual balance or look corny, dunno.

Dazza, at Llewellyn, has come up with his own design of cable stops which are much more aesthetically pleasing than what is on the market today.  But, they are $16.00 a piece, and I am cheap.  I'm taking triple stops and hacking off the end stops, then reshaping what's left into , I hope, a very pleasing looking cable stop.

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