Thursday, November 18, 2010

Devins main tube set showed up last night. The frame will have a 28.5mm seat tube, a 31.8mm top tube that is a 36mm/28.2mm constant tear drop, and a 34.9mm down tube. The 36mm head tube and Paragon BB are already in the fixture. I anticipate fitting up the BB/seat tube tonight after work.


  1. 1st, that's a scwheet backdrop in the pic Neilo. Dugast Tubes are ocular pleasure always.
    2nd, I'm very interested in how this project turns out, and I wanna see you start building some sic ass road bikes atmo......

  2. As soon as I have time, gonna build the absolute lightest road bike I can. All fillet brazed with over long S3 with the butts cut out.

  3. your bike is very classy. And I can't wait until this one starts to take shape.