Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here is a pic of the S3 .8mm wall head tube. The lugs are a little loose, but I have some 45% silver that should fill the bill. Who will be the guinea pig in the quest for lightness?

I silver brazed brians rear triangle last night and hope to finish it today, with the exception of all the filing and sanding. I noticed that the polished stainless dropout faces were being marred by the skewer, so I will return them to a sanded finish. I believe that that the softer faces provide a better grip fot the skewer though.

Hogging out the BB for weight reduction..............


  1. Neil,

    If you want I could do a section of one of your soldered tubes so that we could see how nicely the solder is filled up between the parts. Maybe use a piece of Devon's wrecked bike. Might be a cool image for the Blog.

  2. Nobody is cutting up obc anytime soon.

  3. Aww common... I suppose we could just make a sample tube. If I mounted and etched it it could be cool looking.

  4. Neil, the Ritchey WCS Straight leg fork shipped. Then we can get actual measurements.