Monday, January 18, 2010

Brians Flat Bar SS

Here is the final design on Brians new frame. He rode a Cross Check last year and was very happy with the overall geometry, so we didn't make any radical changes. We shortened the chain stays to make it a little nimbler in the corners. Then raised the top tube to allow a longer head tube for increased stiffness. Lest I forget, we relaxed the seat tube a half a degree so he can run a zero set back seat post. The materials will be a mix of HOXPLAT and Columbus tubing with Long Shin long point traditional lugs. I ordered the longest tubes I could to minimize the butt lengths to reduce weight. It will have a Pacenti Artisan bottom bracket and his new MRKII dropouts with the stainless steel faces. And, of course the rear brake will have the ButterCup style pierced seat tube. The livery will be sky blue with indigo accents. Gonna look real nice! So far, only the BB and lug set are on back order. But they are supposed to ship by the end of the month, January I hope.

I have also ordered the materials for Dylans multi-speed "Team Edition" Frame and working on that ugly old frame of mine that I keep experimenting with.

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