Sunday, November 1, 2009

Here is where I ended up today. The seat post was problematic. It would insert cleanly to 170mm then bind up. I believe that because we reamed the butt out to accept the 30.8 post that it was running into the bow in the seat tube. I cut 70mm off the post and now all is well. The handlebar height is 10mm higher than the Curtlo. I didn't compensate for the added stack height of the FSA over a Chris King. I had to remove displaced metal on the freehub to accept the tight tolerances of the Chris King cog and I used a thread locker on the knurled knobs on the axle keepers, they just wouldn't stay tight.
Tomorrow, brakes, chain, etc. then your test ride to drill down the fit.


  1. Nice job Neil! I wish I could ride but after buying the new house. I am up to my ears in home maintenance and new appliance and furniture purchases.