Thursday, September 10, 2009

The silver brazing is complete and the filing, sanding, and handwork has begun. If I don't have jury duty tomorrow, should make great strides towards completing the frame. Jeff brought in his Merckx to have the BB removed. The frame only weighed just under 5.4 lbs. Significantly heavier than Butter Cup.

I believe that Devin has ordered the s-bend seat stays for the Mule. The luddites and traditionalists will rail against this design. I think it is keen and will no doubt build one for myself.

While I was giving my fingers a rest from all the sanding, I started the fit up for discs on my old Bridgestone RB-1. It will be my rain bike this winter.


  1. Neilo,
    S-Bend seat stays should always resemble a womens behind, Curvy.......
    Straight stays are boring atmo.

    Nice job Neil, can you take a full shot of ButterCup?

  2. Are you going to put a little support bar in between the seat stay and chainstay for the disc brake on your 'stone?

    Man, the Mule is going to be really cool. Pretty straight forward and sensible for its intended purpose(s) I believe. Those dropouts are delicious